Main Street Marketing Machines 2 Fusion Bonus

Main Street Marketing Machines 2 Fusion Bonus The

Best Bonuses Guaranteed

Bonus #1 We Partner Up With You So You Get Your First Paying Client In 7-14 Days.

We have found that the fastest and easiest way to obtain your first paying client is by bringing a local business owners’ Google Places to page one. We will not let you fail Guaranteed! We teach you two methods for contacting clients. The First is a Jing e-mail where you give a quick 2-3 minute onscreen presentation to the client showing them where their Google Places ranks the traffic they are missing out on and where their competition is on page one. The second method is simply calling them up we give you scripting and live recorded examples.

“Here is my 100% Guarantee you will not fail. Provide proof of either 25 Jing e-mails or 25 recorded phone calls (record calls  free with Skype) and if you don’t close at least 1 sale I will call customers and close the sale for YOU!! “

Also, my team will get your clients Google Places to page one you do zero work! We will split the recurring revenue that is only fair, right? Once we get Google Places to page one you up sell YOUR happy client all the tools contained in Main Street Marketing Machines 2 Fusion. If you really want to make money online then this is your fast track.  I really don’t know how much easier I can make it for you other than just give you clients:)  I hope you realize that this bonus virtually guarantees you your first client.  The bonuses get better see below.


Dominik earned $5K upfront and $1,500 per month in 14 days

Bonus #2 Access To $3,000 Private Membership Site.

In the private membership site I pull back the curtains and show you exactly how I run my business of taking local business online. There are over 170 training videos I made myself detailing step by step exactly how I dominate online for my clients. January of 2011 this membership site sold out in 72 hours and each member paid $3,000.00

Jim Collected $19,000 Plus $1,500 Monthly Recurring Fees

Bonus #3 1-on-1 Private Coaching Calls!

My coaching students have told me that they find the 1-on-1 calls with me to be one of the most valuable and critical part of their online success.  The membership site has an easy online coaching call scheduler for your convenience.

Diego Get $12,500 From First Client!  Great Job!

Bonus #4 Two Day Live Training

This bonus is just crazy! Two day live training where I share stuff I have never revealed nor do I know of anyone teaching the material I will present.  I am going to show you real world advanced super ninja techniques on exactly how I get competitive local clients like Dentist, Doctors, and Lawyers to dominate page one for their local market place. I could easily charge 3-5K for this event.  The event will be filmed and all members will get a copy.  The event will be held in my Scottsdale, AZ home or my secret beach hideout in San Diego.  Date and location to be determined. Nothing will be sold pure content, special guests, and life long business relationships will be formed at this event.  Don’t miss out!


Bonus #5 Best Selling Book “Transformation” Plus 2 DVD’s With Over 40 Transformation Stories

The 18 Transformation steps contained in the book by Bill Phillips has literally changed my life on every level. I know if you do the work necessary to complete the 18 steps that  it has the power to change your life. I know because it changed my life. In addition you will receive 2 DVD’s with over 40 transformation stories. Watch one per day to get inspired and feel unstoppable!

main street marketing machines 2 fusion bonus five book

Main Street marketing machines 2 fusion bonus 5 dvd set

Important: This Program Might Not Be Right For You Please Watch

Chris I have watched the Main Street Marketing Machines 2 Fusion promotional

videos, listen to your coaching students testimonials, and want the FIVE bonuses

you are offering because I know it will help me succeed. I also understand that Main

Street Marketing Machines 2 Fusion bonus must be limited to the first 20.  I want in


**Important: WordPress blog does not allow affiliate links therefore the link below will take you to my self hosted site where you can order.  ***

Main Street Marketing Machines 2 Fusion Bonus Buy Button

Disclaimer: Your results may vary from the students featured as your aware your individual results depend on various factors including but not limited to how you apply yourself.  You understand that you are in essence opening a business and with all businesses in the free market you have the potential to lose and gain money.  Common Sense stuff I know thanks for reading.  Make Market Launch It   Make Market Launch It Bonus
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